I'm Only Sleeping

A Documentary

7 January
My name is Ellie. I'm seventeen. Photography has become my main source of a creative outlet. I smoke the green stuff. I've been taken since Valentine's day of '08. I love music to it's core. I study it a lot, it's like that weird obsession I have with studying seriel killers. It's just so facinating. I love to watch lots of movies, too. I suppose you could say I'm sort of a movie buff. Religion is not apart of my life, but I enjoy studying that as well. I like to knit/crochet A LOT. I am concerned for the enviornment. My journal has to be friends only, because of past conflicts with privacy. I strive to be my own person. Currently unemployed, but currently volunteering at Homeward Pets. I love talking to people that I have a slim chance of meeting.I'm into sleeping, staying up far too late, my lover, my friends, pot, baking, knitting, photography, my phone, fashion, elephants, being green, happyness, ranting, yoga, bubbly water and MUSIC.
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air vents at night, baking, coffee, diy, fashion, knitting, photography, sewing, sleep